I've moved!

This is just a side-blog I made for the case that you used an old link to my blog! You can find my main blog here !

So, let me give you some advice if you're looking for a certain part of my blog. It's easy.

If the URL looks like that:

then change "inigirl226" to "Juicylucielove" and you're done!

It also works on normal posts. It seriously doesn't matter what kind of link you used to get here. Just change the url to "juicylucielove" and you'll find what you're searching for.

Have a good day! <3


Well, not actually moved, I just changed my url.

However, if you got here because I accidentally forgot to update a link to my blog somewhere, please tell me! My ask box’s open.

Click here to find my main blog.

Also here are some gifs so that it doesn’t look too empty here.

Me when someone starts talking about my biggest fear

Me when someone sends me a picture of my biggest fear

imageMe when someone won’t stop talking about my biggest fear

Me when they finally realise that they should stop talking about it

Me when they find very pretty words when they apologise